Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To customer

If you want to buy our ties, but it is difficult to visit our store, we are accepted you to purchase the ties by email.
Send us your request!!

Hello Aries

It's your turn!

Seigo collection 2

Pocket Square


fit size: 10-13

Formal ties

we have tons of white, black and glay.


Ascot tie


Motif Ties
Our motif ties are part of limited edition.


Our ties 1


How do you know our collections?
We would like to introduce them one by one....
Our items are all made in Japan.
Ties, Bowties and pocket square are 100% silk.
(We have some wool, linen and collton of PS too)

Woven Tie
    These ties are basic design of ours like solid, simple stripe and dots.

 Limited edition

   These are our limited edition's collection. We made them only 8 pieces.

 So, we put the number on label like this.
Some customers who often visit SEIGO love and collect them.

Bow tie / Baby bow tie

We have tons of bowtie collections.
Some designs are same as ties.
We have some pre-made bowties.

Also, we begin to make baby bowtie too.


Custom made ties

This is a special tie that is made of all same fabric.

to be continue.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello everyone.
Today, we introduce our braces.

Some of them are exactly matching design with our tie selection.
Enjoy your coordinate!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

How did we fix the fray of the tie?

Hello, everyone.

You know, we have tons of ties and bowties and sometimes we find  the fray.
But Seigo can fix it!!!
See it!

Before fixing
As you can see, the fray is in the blue circle.

After Seigo's magic, it disappeared!!!!

I can show you his magic little bit bellow.
It is not the secret way, so if you are interested in this magic, let him know.........

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green ties for St. Patric

Best seller

Hi there,

Today, we introduce which tie is the most most most popular in SEIGO.

But my favorite is always soccer motife tie;)

Enjoy your tie , we are all fine

Hello, everyone.
You already know the sad news of earthquake in Japan and  we are really shocking and worry about our country...but we are all okay.

Today , we show you new spring stripe.

Enjoy and best regards

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tie your tie cool!

When you tie your tie, how do you show it so cool?????
Today I show you the way how your tie looks so charming!

When you tie the way double winsor knot, you make knot loosely and be completely flat.
  As you can see above, the single dimple is there!!!
That's it!

The second way is "double dimple".

Tight knot strongly and make doble dimple!!!
This way looks a little difficul, but it must look really smartly dressed!

For spring, For your activity

Hi there,

Today, we introduce our charming tie collection.
The color is really beautiful!!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lucky pig

We know the pig is intelligent and he brings good luck.

See our pigs collections.