Monday, April 4, 2011

Our ties

Today, we would like to introduce our hand made ties shortly.

Each of Seigo's original ties is designed and colored for the best-dressed men all over the world.
These are precisely hand sewn by skilled workers for the maximum resistance and best draping.
In short, they are THE BEST-MADE TIES from Japan.

Our fabrics are woven in small mills in Kyoto with our specific instructions, and our printed fabrics are hand-blocked silk-screen printed in To-ka Machi in Niigata.
Both cities have been historically known as the major manufacturers of Kimono (Japanese  traditional wardrobe.)



  1. I design corporate ties ... when I get back to New York I will visit your store

  2. Thanks for this wonderful write up. These Ties are considered to be as a very trendy and fabulous accessories.

    Best Silk Ties for Men

  3. Unparalleled service from Mr. Seigo himself as soon as you enter the store. He is genuine and frank, and does not waste your time. An incredible and rare selection of neckties, with outstanding aesthetic for every important male in your life--from Dad to the boyfriend. I highly recommend Seigo for people who value quality above all else.

  4. It is a shame as Japanese that these amazing ties are no known in Japan.


  5. Do you send this ties abroad? How can I do to get one of this?

    1. Thank you for reaching us. Yes, we do shipping abroad. Please contact us: